High Performance Cultures

High-performance organizations [HPOs] deliver competitive advantage. While relatively few companies succeed in building and maintaining a sustainable winning culture, those that do, remain at the top of the game.  High performance cultures provide ways for people to work with a set of values that encourage proactive engagement with the work environment to achieve high results.

Companies and organizations seeking to improve their operational systems, become more agile, accelerate their decision-making and embed continuous quality improvement processes throughout the work culture can benefit from the WADEmathesonTM Dynamic Performance Index [DPI] Survey. The DPI links people, performance, improvement and business strategy across key areas within an organization.

The Human Capital Institute recognizes that organizations, which manage strategically and focus on building capabilities, are prone to succeed. While HPOs dismantle traditional silo structures within their organizations, they also constantly strive to align work practices and productivity with strategic direction. Research suggests that when organizations incorporate the principles of HPOs into their organizational culture, the result is greater than the sum of individual parts.

DPIs offer real-time snapshots of the performance potential of a company or organization. Underlying each DPI is a unique judgement that assigns different weights to key survey items.

The 21st century promises to be characterized by rapid change in technology and relentless competition spurred by globalization. It is hardly news that in this environment firms will have to possess the capacity to adapt or suffer the consequences- low performance and ultimately death and destruction. Unfortunately, firms do not seem to be adaptive ...

Michael Beer, Harvard Business School, 2002.