Innovation Performance

Most companies and organizations place innovation as the key to growth and value for shareholders and clients. Innovation delivers competitive advantage in today’s global economy. In a competitive economy, companies need to know the following:

  • How to improve ROI from current assets
  • The building blocks of a sustainable and innovative culture
  • How to measure innovation performance
  • Is our business model for innovation relevant today

WADEmathesonTM offers ways for companies and organizations to increase the impact of their innovation activities. We use the Innovation Performance Grid [IPG] to identify strategic and sustainable approaches to innovation and renewal. Our goal is simple, to help companies to increase the returns on their efforts in innovation.

We use the IPG in conjunction with the Australian Business Excellence model below (SAI Global, 2003) to provide low cost sustainable solutions for companies and organizations seeking to improve their innovation performance.

What successful institutions do

  • They possess information for strategic decision-making and expert knowledge concerning how to leverage information and resources.
  • They develop capabilities through systems thinking to address internal and external requests about quality of the learning environment, fiscal responsibility and responsiveness of an institution’s stakeholders.